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Installation ServiceCustom Software development 1 hour

Payment gateway installation service.

Our payment gateways are designed to be very simple to install and configure, but in the event that you are having problems, we provide an installation service to assist you.

$ 25.00

Hourly Software Development Rate

$ 45.00

Custom Software development - CB Subs gatewayCustom Software development - non recurring gateway

This is a product for payment gateway sponsorship for gateways that are for CB Subs.

$ 300.00

payment gateways sponsorship for gateways that do not include recurring payments.

$ 200.00

Custom Software development project Custom Software development half hour

Only select this product upon request by Administration for payment of a project that we are developing for you.

10 hours development at discounted rate.

$ 550.00

30 minutes Support and development services.

$ 22.50